The Chilean “Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena” (CEFAA), is located within the Department of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), the equivalent of our FAA. It is the official organization dedicated to investigate UFOs/UAP.

General Ricardo Bermúdez is the director of the CEFAA. A former fighter pilot, who later served as an air attaché in London, he was chief commander of the Air Force´s Southern Area. He was also the Director of the Technical School of Aeronautics, the School of Engineers, and the sub-Director of Chile’s Air Force Academy. He co-founded the CEFAA in 1998.

The mission of the CEFAA is to “record and analyze all relevant reports concerning UAP occurring within the national territory, on the basis of a serious, objective and scientific analysis with the purpose of determining any possible risk to air operations.” This issue is taken seriously and accepted throughout the country, among the citizens and the institutions.

The CEFAA meets regularly with an external committee of scientists in different fields, an internal committee from within the Aeronautics Department, and liaison officers from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Police, which provide their own cases for analysis.

The CEFAA’s example should be followed all over the world. Officials at the DGAC accept that this phenomenon is a serious issue worthy of attention. They recognize that it is something that concerns many people and cannot be ignored. To do so would be irresponsible.

Here are examples of 4 aviation cases collected by the CEFAA. In these incidents, all the pilots flew with co-pilots who also witnessed the UAP, and in the so-called Pelican case, a mechanic was also on board who was a third witness. These are live voice recordings.

Case: Punta Arenas
March 3, 2011
Flight DAP12 C-402
“camouflaged as a cloud but with erratic motion”

Part 1: DAP pilot to radar control

Case: Punta Arenas

Part 2: Radar operator warns second plane, Twin Otter

Case: Punta Arenas

Part 3: DAP pilot calls radar controller

Case: Pelican
June 24, 2010
“an object that entered the atmosphere”

Case: LAN Flight 045
June 1, 1988
“on a collision course”

Case: Pudahuel
“a train with many windows”

UFOs Caught on Tape over Santiago Air Base

March 13, 2012

Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal broke the story in the Huffington Post
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Here are the three video clips at normal speed. They have to be slowed way down to see the UFO. Downloadable
clips for analysis are below the videos (right-mouse click on the link and select “Save Link As”). Click on fullscreen button before playing.


Download Original

Download Original

Download Original

See the Huffington Post story for slow motion videos and slide show.

The three trajectories of the object in each of the above videos are highlighted here:

There are 7 videos of the three flybys from different vantage points. This is the best of the seven.

This newspaper is the best of the Chilean conservative press, equivalent to our New York Times (not in importance but in seriousness).
They sent a reporter from the Science and Technology page to cover this case.

(Click to enlarge)

Numerous UFO sightings near F.E. Warren AFB’s nuclear missile sites reported in recent months:

By Robert Hastings
March 27, 2011

Robert Hastings’ persistent and detailed work continues to show that UFO sightings do indeed have national security implications. This report highlights the need for a centralized, open government agency to conduct investigations into events such as these.
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Chilean CEFAA provides photo of UAP for analysis:

March 14, 2011

NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena) has signed an official joint-cooperation agreement with the Chilean Ministrial Department of Civil Aeronautics (like America’s FAA) to share information and study UAP cases which affect aviation safety. This is a ground-breaking development, since a government agency has formalized its relationship with a scientific organization in the United States and asked for its assistance in case studies.

The CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomolous Aerial Phenomena), an agency within the Chilean civil aviation department, was set up in 1997 to focus on incidents involving UAP that impact aviation saftey. General Gonzalo Miranda, director of the civil aeronautics branch, ordered its creation following a series of sightings witnessed by civil servants and aeronautic experts, along with civilians, at an airport in Northern Chile. The agency has a close working relationship with the Army. Directed by General Ricardo Bermúdez, the CEFAA is now working with NARCAP, the closest group we have in America to an official agency, and NARCAP has links to research associates and technical specialists throughout the world. I hope that soon this relationship will expand to include an American government official who can also liason with the CEFAA and other agencies in various countries.

Dr. Richard Haines is the chief scientist for NARCAP, and Ted Roe is the executive director. For more information on NARCAP, go to Both Gen. Bermúdez and Dr. Haines contributed chapters to my book; please consult that text for background.

Here is the statement from General Bermúdez, received by NARCAP on Nov. 25, 2010:
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NARCAP made its announcement on Feb. 25, 2011:
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